On July 16, 2019 in the presence of EC representatives, the Ministry of European Funds and NGOs – Bankwatch Romania and Greenpeace Romania, all 6 mayors signed the “Jiu Valley Partnership for a Just Transition”, in order to reach the goals of Jiu Valley energy system transformation and economic development.
By signing this Memorandum the elected leaders of the local communities have made a firm collective commitment to facilitate a gradual, efficient and participatory transition from a coal-based economy to a more sustainable and diversified economic model. The local administrations will be strongly engaged in the development of a transition strategy and implementation plans, including identifying future projects that Jiu Valley citizens can benefit from.
The “Jiu Valley Partnership for Just Transition” emphasizes participatory cooperation and involvement of public and private organizations, trade unions, social partners and the civil society. All 6 mayors have guaranteed to develop projects so that no social category will be disadvantaged in this transition process.


The event took place within the European Platform for Coal Regions in Transition following the 5th Working Group meeting attended by local authorities, NGOs, trade unions, the business environment and representatives of the European Commission, organized in 15-16 July in Bruxelles.
Before signing the document, the mayors of the Jiu Valley discussed with Mr Klaus Dieter Borchardt, DG ENER Deputy Director General also about the limited resources available (financial and institutional capacity) to solve the problems they are facing. Jiu Valley mayoralties can now apply together for technical assistance through START program in order to formulate viable projects for the entire region and to access funding sources.




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Gorjeanul https://gorjeanul.ro/orasele-din-valea-jiului-au-memorandum-pentru-tranzitie-justa/